About Us

CardMakers is a Christchurch based small business. We supply a large range of card-making supplies online, and offer other on demand printing services as well.

We maintain a "hands on" approach in all aspects of our business, from designing and selecting the paper, die-cutting the cards and picking and packing your parcel.

We have a large collection of specialised machinery for card printing, cutting and manufacture. Our plant is extensive, some machinery dates back to the mid 20th century and it's still running strong!

CardMakers has been established since 1991. Our extensive industry experience coupled with our versatile production plant enables us to bring you a range of specialised products at a reasonable price. For items that we are unable to produce in-house, we source those goods from other suppliers or directly import those goods in order to provide you with a comprehensive range of products and services.

Thank you for visiting our store, and if you're in Christchurch pop on in for a chat!